Military Intelligence
Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic

Director of Military Intelligence

Riaditeľ VS

Curriculum Vitae

Rank, name and surname:

Major General Juraj ŠTEFANKA

Date of birth: :

February 23, 1975


1993 – 1998

  • Master degree
  • Military Academy in Liptovský Mikuláš
  • Field of Study: Military communication

1989 – 1993

  • High School
  • Electro-technical high school in Nitre
  • Field of Study: computing and controlling

Professional Career


  • director of the Military Intelligence

01.04.2018 - 20.11.2023

  • deputy director of the Military Intelligence

15.10.2001 - 31.03.2018

  • member of the Military Intelligence

10.07.1998 - 14.10.2001

  • member of the Armed Forces of the Slovak republic

Marital status

  • married, two children

The Tasks of the Military Intelligence

Military Intelligence according to the Act no. 500/2022 Coll. on Military Intelligence acquires, collects and analyses information significant for securing the defence and defence capabilities of the Slovak Republic on the territory of the Slovak Republic and abroad focused on:

a) activities threatening the sovereignty, constitutional system, supremacy, territorial integrity and defence capability of the Slovak Republic,

Given the rapid dynamics of evolution within security environment Military Intelligence focus its intelligence activities on early identification of threats respectively of potential threats (e.g. potential threats are identified threats of increasing military capabilities of foreign power without identification of intent to use them, respectively identified intent without adequate military potential), which negative effects can have an impact on capabilities of Armed Forces of the SR or defence capability of the SR

Military Intelligence evaluates military potential of foreign Armed Forces (Armed Forces of states, which could in relation to interests of SR and its international commitments in military area represent potential adversary), as well as capabilities of its own Armed Forces, including area of military-industrial complex) and security situation (on global and regional level), deterioration of which could result in armed conflict with participation of the Armed Forces of the SR. Capabilities of own Armed Forces and combat potential of foreign Armed Forces are among key factors which influence defence capability of a state.

Military Intelligence concurrently evaluates also negative effects of propaganda (informational and psychological effect on population) at strategic level and their impact on defence capability of the SR. These negative effects, in relation to the defence capability, are proved especially in relation to part of spectrum of resources and supporting capabilities (resp. activities) of the organizational components of the Armed Forces of the SR. They have negative impact on attitudes of society towards Armed Forces of the SR and they have potential to polarize society via security area.

b) activities of foreign powers, mainly the activities of their intelligence services, military and paramilitary groups or foreign agents,

Military Intelligence is monitoring and evaluating all activities of foreign intelligence services aimed against interests of the SR, NATO and the EU, activities against international crisis management operations and workplaces of the Ministry of Defence of the SR abroad. Main tasks of Military Intelligence, within the scope of the measures against the activities of foreign intelligence services, are comprised of:

    • Protection of classified information.
    • Examination of security reliability of persons with access to classified information.
    • Counterintelligence.
    • Security of the objects of the SR, NATO and the EU in regard to the protection of classified information.
    • Cyber protection.
    • Detection of propaganda and false information dissemination.
    • Uncovering infiltration of persons collaborating with foreign Intelligence Services into the Ministry of Defence of the SR NATO and the EU.
    • Uncovering of foreign intelligence networks at the territory of the SR.
c) terrorism, its financing or support, cyber terrorism, treason, sabotage and wrecking activities,

The security environment of the SR is significantly influenced by the process of globalization and asymmetric threats aimed against the EU member states and NATO. The current dynamic of the global security environment, international conflicts and overall socioeconomic situation in several unstable regions leads to the increase of various asymmetric threats

International terrorism is one of the most substantial asymmetric threats within the framework of global security. Its basis is threatening by conduct of violent crimes with the intent to seriously frighten the population, destabilize or destroy the constitutional, political, economic and social system of the state or to compel the state to fulfil other political aims or goals. Currently, international terrorist groups tied to the ideology of global jihad (such as the Islamic State or Al-Qaeda) represent the largest source of terrorist threats against SR and other EU member states and NATO.

The role of the Military Intelligence of SR in this regard is to collect and analyse information on activities of persons and groups which potentially could be involved in the planning, preparation or realization of terrorist attacks in SR and abroad. Interest of the Military Intelligence of the SR is in sympathizers and supporters of such activities, including financing and the provision of logistical support for terrorism, the recruitment of new members into terrorist groups, as well as the dissemination of radical ideologies and terrorist propaganda.

Military Intelligence of the SR actually monitors new trends in regard to new trends in the area international terrorism. Their basis consist in transferring of the focus of activity from spectacular attacks on governmental, security and public targets towards to the so called soft targets, represented by civilians in public accessible places. In context of the switch of conducting terror attacks from the conflict zones of the Middle East and north Africa at the territory of t of the EU member states and NATO, there is a rise in the trend of lone actors (wolves), which either get radicalized by themselves, or via the activities of jihadi ideologists and subsequently carry attacks using available weapons (e.g. knives, home-made explosives or vehicles) with the intent to strike as many targets as possible.

d) political extremism, religious extremism, violent extremism and harmful propaganda in case they concurrently endanger the fulfilment of tasks of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic (hereinafter "Armed Forces"), and extremism of professional soldiers,

Political and religious extremism represents a significant threat to the constitutional democratic system based on the abidance of basic human rights and freedoms based on political or religious beliefs. Currently, the greatest threat represents the rise of ultra-right extremism (neo-Nazism and anti-Semitism). Actual trend is the anti-systemic parties and movements establishments focused against illegal migration, Islam and the integration into European structures.

Military Intelligence of the SR gathers information about the activities of both extremist individuals and extremist groups capable to threaten the constitutional system of the SR, its sovereignty, territorial integrity, its ability to defend itself and the duties in area of defence. Threats against the state´s ability to defend itself are also concerns the membership or sympathizers of members of the Armed Forces with extremist groups or movements, the provision of knowledge and capabilities of a military or intelligence character to extremist groups by members of the defence department, as well as the establishment of paramilitary groups

In the frame of the monitoring and analysis of so called hybrid threats, Military Intelligence of the SR also focuses on the increased trend of the dissemination of harmful propaganda aimed against the defence capabilities of SR and against its membership in international organizations of collective security. This area also comprises the search for information concerning cyber activities of state and non-state actors, as well as their cyber capabilities, which could represent a threat to the civilian and military communication and information systems of the SR and other NATO member states.

e) harmful sectarian groups in case of endangering the fulfilment of Armed Forces’ tasks, harmful sectarian groups of professional soldiers,

Military Intelligence of the SR monitors and evaluates the activities of harmful sectarian groups within the defence department of the SR. The priority is the timely detection of those groups, whose activities, declared principles and destructive behaviour threaten fulfilment of the duties of the defence department of the SR. This relates to sects whose activities discredit personal freedom and physical and mental health of the member of the defence department. In the case of sects, which activities of are in line with the ideology of so called new, self-created religions, Military Intelligence of the SR monitors stage, whether within their activity does not occur religiously motivated violence with significantly destructive effects (e.g. religious terrorism). Common characteristics of these harmful sectarian groups, which activity of is in the frame of the defence area unique and expressively eliminated are : power absolutism of the leader, purposeful regulation of information to the sect members with the intent of their gradual capitation, a highly organized vertical system of management (from upside -down), obedience is mainly voluntary (stint forced) with the gradual manipulation of the individual to accept this fact and abandonment of the sect is practically impossible.

f) organized criminal activities and assets from them and criminal activities against the defence and defence capabilities of the Slovak Republic,

Organized criminal activity and criminal activity against security of the SR represents significant threat for Defence Department area of the SR. Currently the greatest threat in this field of organized crime is represented by members of Armed Forces of the SR, whose activities are focused on gathering of personal benefits via criminal activity (e.g. selling of narcotics and psychotropic substances). It is inevitable to declare that phenomenon tied with organized crime are considerable lower in comparison to Slovak society average. In context of Military Intelligence in the frame of obligation to prevent and protect Defence resort of the SR from negative impact of organized crime focuses on detection subjects, who wittingly tolerate organized criminal activity and criminal activity in relation to SR defence whereby jeopardize task fulfilment within the Defence department area.

g) illegal trade in weapons of mass destruction, products of defence industry, or specified products or items of dual use,

SR is a contracting party of all major conventions and agreements in the sphere of international arms control regimes, disarmament and non-proliferation of WMD. The Military Intelligence within its scope of its competence and power, as one of the security branches of the SR, is actively involved in the process of defence industry products trade through the fulfilment of the intelligence protection of the security interests of the SR and Ministry of Defence of the SR.

The Military Intelligence pays attention mainly to the uncontrolled proliferation of the conventional and unconventional weapons with respect to the risk of misuse of this commodities and technologies by state or non-state actors.

The Military Intelligence is involved in supervision of defence industry products and dual use goods trade in order to prevent their use in purpose to commit war crimes, crimes against peace and humanity, or other profound violation of human rights that could result in harm of foreign political, economic, security interests of the and international commitments of the SR.

Supervision consists of both administrative and objective control, i.e. with regard to potential risks based on types and quantity of defence industry products trading, end user destinations and possible real end-user consignees of military weapons, ammunition, military equipment which could be misuse by state and non-state actors.

The Military Intelligence is involved in legislative annotation process related to defence industry products trading and control of small-arms and ammunition trafficking. Furthermore the focus is on verifying of the origin of the weapons, transfer or illegal handling with these weapons, that could be used in purpose of use in terrorist attacks or in armed conflicts.

h) malicious activities and threats in the cyberspace endangering the defence and defence capabilities of the Slovak Republic,

Military Intelligence, within the scope of its activities, shall focus on detection of state as well as non-state actors operations’ in the cyberspace, which may have negative impact on the defence, defence capability and security of the Slovak Republic. The activity itself shall aim to monitoring and analysis of the actions, capabilities and techniques of the cyber attackers. The main objective is to prevent threats and to avoid unwanted activities in cyberspace of the Slovak Republic. Priority of the Military Intelligence is to protect the defense and critical infrastructure and information systems essential to secure the state functioning.

i) illegal international human smuggling and its facilitating endangering the defence and defence capabilities of the Slovak Republic,

Illegal immigration, International human trafficking and organized crime is for several important reasons an object of interest of Military Intelligence. This topic is connected with criminal activities expansion of the transnational criminal activities, related to the illegal entry and human trafficking to the territory of the European Union. In many cases it includes individuals, whose origin, identity and real reasons for entry to the EU cannot be reliably proven. These individuals could present security threat for SR and other EU member states and NATO member states. With illegal entry and stay of migrants is related an increase of right wing extremism in countries exposed to this phenomenon.

j) protection of military-economic interests of the Slovak Republic, and the field of military production, research and development,

The Military Intelligence in the sphere of protection of the military and economic interests of the SR is focused on possible non-transparent, uneconomical and ineffective management of allocated funds and state resources administrated by the Ministry of Defence of the SR, (e.g. purchase of goods, services, storage and use of property, handling with redundant and useless property) corruption and practices and clienteles activities, misconduct of competence and position, implication of which could cause a great financial harms for the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic or negative impacts on combat capability of the Armed Forces of the SR.

k) hybrid threats and disinformation, endangering the defense or defense capability of the Slovak Republic,
l) acquiring information from foreign sources that originates or is obtained from abroad or that is related to foreign countries, and information necessary for the execution of the interests of the foreign policy of the Slovak Republic in the field of defense, defense capability and security of the Slovak Republic,
m) radicalization of a group of persons or individuals associated with activities and threats according to letters c) and d),
n) intelligence support of the Armed Forces in the fulfilling of their tasks,

For the purposes of this Act, intelligence support means providing the Minister of Defense of the Slovak Republic, the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces and persons designated by the Minister (according to § 9, section 5) with intelligence information and providing the Armed Forces with technical means and equipment to the extent determined by the Minister on the proposal of the Director after a written agreement with the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces (according to § 5 section 2),

o) endangering the security or leaking of classified information,

Military Intelligence fulfils tasks as of a special subject in the field of security, as stated in the Act on the Protection of Classified Information (No. 2015/2004 Coll.) and the Act on the Military Intelligence (No. 198/1994 Coll.).

Military Intelligence has the authority and capabilities in the field of military currier service and code protection of information within the Ministry of Defence, as well as function of the resort code authority. . Since 1 June 2014, Military Intelligence acquired also competences and capabilities of a special subject of the Ministry of Defence of the SR especial in the area of personnel security, industry security, administrative security, physical security, object security and security of technical means.

p) leaking or endangerment of information and things originating from the records of the Military Intelligence,
q) prevention of threat and disruption of activities and international cooperation of the Military Intelligence.

Legal Status of Military Intelligence

The Military Intelligence is an intelligence service that fulfils the tasks of the securing of defence, defence capability and security of the Slovak Republic in scope of powers of the Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic according to the Act No. 500/2022 Coll. on Military Intelligence.

The Principles of the Military Intelligence
    • protection and enforcement of state and security interests of the Slovak Republic,
    • compliance with constitutionality and legality,
    • respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms,
    • professionalism,
    • political neutrality and
    • humanity.
Other Tasks of the Military Intelligence

Within the scope of its powers, the Military Intelligence fulfils other tasks, for example, notably:

    • a special workplace for the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic in the area of classified information protection,
    • departmental encryption authority of the Military Intelligence,
    • departmental encryption authority of the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic,
    • the national distribution center and military courier service in the area of the transmission of classified NATO information between NATO headquarters and the Slovak Republic, EU member states and the Slovak Republic,
    • in the field of research and development of technical means and equipment,
    • in the field of defense of the Slovak Republic in cyber space and cyber security,
    • provides the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic with intelligence support and provides the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic with assistance,
    • in the field of signal intelligence and in fulfilling of tasks in the field of international intelligence cooperation and collective defense obligations.

In fulfilling its tasks, the Military Intelligence is authorized to use special means and use special authorizations.

National and International cooperation

The Military Intelligence may cooperate with the Armed Forces, armed security forces, armed forces, bodies of public power or other persons in the performance of tasks. The Military Intelligence in the performance of its tasks can cooperate with the authorities of other states with a similar focus and scope and with international organizations.

Providing of Information and Participation in Committees

The Military Intelligence provides via the Minister, the President of the Slovak Republic, the Speaker of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic and relevant members of the Government of the Slovak Republic with intelligence information, or based on their written request. The Military Intelligence provides bodies involved in criminal proceeding and other bodies of public power, the Minister of Defense of the Slovak Republic, the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic, and persons designated by the Minister with intelligence information that is important for their decision-making and activities.

Supervision of the Military Intelligence

The activities of the Military Intelligence are supervised by the Special Supervising Committee of the National Council of the Slovak Republic. The director of the Military Intelligence is responsible to the Minister of Defence of the Slovak Republic for the performance of his duty. The Minister submits a thorough report on the activities of the Military Intelligence, material needed for the check of the draw from the limit of the Military Intelligence from the budget of the Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic and information on execution of active defence. The report is submitted to the Committee at least once a year. The Minister submits the Status of the Military Intelligence and present internal regulations to the Special Supervising Body. The Military Intelligence is subject to triple supervision, where the first level represents supervision according to special regulations (e.g. Act of the National Council of the Slovak Republic No. 10/1996 Coll. on the Supervision in State Administration, as amended, Act No. 357/2015 Coll. z. on Financial Supervision and Audit and on the amendment and supplementation of certain laws as amended), the second level represents supervision by the National Council of the Slovak Republic and the third level is the external supervision carried out by the Supreme Audit Office in accordance with the Act of the National Council of the Slovak Republic No. 39/1993 Coll. on the Supreme Audit Office of the Slovak Republic, as amended. The supervision and audit of other state bodies is only concerned regarding the economic efficiency and effectiveness of disposing of property in the administration of the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic, which is used by the Military Intelligence and the management of public funds, but with certain limitations specified by the law.

Code of Ethics of the Military Intelligence

I am proud of my affiliation with the Military Intelligence. I consider the fulfilment of tasks emerging from its mission of the defence of the Slovak Republic to be the manifestation of patriotism and bravery. I adhere to all the positive deeds that the intelligence service has achieved during its existence. I want to act in such way that the service can be proud of me.

I identify with the mission of the Military Intelligence to truthfully and timely inform authorised recipients about facts related to homeland security. In my position, I am fully committed to the fulfilment of the tasks.

I perceive my service in the Military Intelligence as a mission to serve all the citizens of Slovakia. I will not abuse my position or access to information to promote political, economic or other personal or group interests.

I am aware that the Military Intelligence is by its nature an elite organization. I therefore strive for excellent performance of my duties within my capabilities and abilities, for constant increase of my professional knowledge.

I am willing to make an extraordinary effort, undergo danger, stress and discomfort adequate for the needs to meet the mission of the Military Intelligence.

I will not accept tasks that do not fall within the legal competence of the Military Intelligence, do not meet the legitimate objectives or the state interests.

I will not succumb external or internal, political or other pressure to distort information. I will not consciously misrepresent information in favour of my own political, economic or other objectives.

I will not use illegitimate means to accomplish a task or achieve a goal. I will use intelligence methods and means in compliance with the law so that my actions are tenable in the eyes of my colleagues, relatives, friends and the public in the event of disclosure.

I respect the human dignity of human assets providing cooperation to the service and I adhere to the principle of voluntary cooperation. I take care of their safety and health and I will not expose them to disproportionate physical, mental or financial risks without special reason.

I will take appropriate measures to protect the privacy of those not involved in the examined activity and will minimize the keeping of records about them. I will not expose uninvolved parties to disproportionate risk.

I am bound by the obligation of professional secrecy. The secrecy requirement continues even after the termination of my service or employment.

I protect the sources of information and work methods of my organization. The protection of the identity of human assets from disclosure is the matter of the highest priority, professionalism and honour, this applies also after its termination.

I avoid overclassifying. I discern the application of the principles of the „need to know“ and the „need to share“. I share information in a way that is lawful and necessary to achieve common good.

I consider it my duty to cooperate in potential investigation of violation of lawfulness in the Military Intelligence.

I will not deliberately leak sensitive information of the Military Intelligence. I am aware that such conduct constitutes a serious breach of discipline which is incompatible with the work in intelligence service.

I follow the third party rule, i. e. I will not forward information provided confidentially to the Military Intelligence by another intelligence service without its consent.

I use public funding and other assets of the Military Intelligence economically, effectively, efficiently and purposefully.

I will not abuse the confidentiality or exclusive access to information to obtain unfair advantage for my person or to the benefit or disadvantage of a third party.

I will act in order not to harm the perception of the Military Intelligence by partner organizations or the public, and I will also avoid such lawful activities that may raise suspicions of illegitimacy or conflict of interest.

I voluntarily conform to the legal restriction of my civil rights and freedoms resulting from my service in the Military Intelligence. I refrain from activities that could be considered a violation of political neutrality.

I adapt my behaviour in public, at work and in privacy to the unwritten requirements of social ethics and etiquette, as this can have an impact on the image and reputation of the Military Intelligence.

I act as a team player. I subordinate my own ambitions to the good of the whole to a reasonable extent. I help my colleagues in the Military Intelligence to advance professionally. I appreciate their achievements and do to my colleagues the way I want them to do to me.

I commit myself to act in accordance with the principles articulated in this Code. In the case of violation of those principles, I am prepared to hold myself adequately accountable.

Logo of Military Intelligence



Silver labyrinth, target and aiming scope with front sight stylised as three concentric circles around small silver sphere on the green round shield. Silver inscription „MINISTERSTVO OBRANY SLOVENSKEJ REPUBLIKY“ (Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic) placed in upper part around outermost circle and silver inscription „VOJENSKÉ SPRAVODAJSTVO“ (Military Intelligence) placed in lower part.

Labyrinth – epitomises work of intelligence service solving demanding and complex tasks in often hostile environment and its techniques to achieve goals.

Target and front sight – represent accuracy and necessity of clear-cut decision making in the process of Military Intelligence tasks accomplishment as well as military character of intelligence service.

Ring surrounded by circles – object of interest as well as object of protection.

Specimen of Service Card
of the Military Intelligence Member

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