Military Intelligence
Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic

Career and Requirements for Admission to the State Service of Professional Soldiers

Service relationship of the Military Intelligence officers is stipulated in the Act No. 281/2015 Coll. On State Service of Professional Soldiers and as amended.

Conditions for Admission to the State Service According to the Act No. 281/2015 Coll.

A citizen could be admitted to state service of professional soldiers if he/she:

    • has applied for admission to the state service,
    • has reached the age of 18 years,
    • enjoys full legal capacity,
    • has citizenship of the Slovak Republic or double citizenship of the Slovak Republic and an EU member state, or the citizenship of a country which is a member of international organization securing common defence against aggression, member of which is the Slovak Republic,
    • has permanent residence in the Slovak Republic,
    • is irreproachable,
    • is reliable,
    • has good command of the official language,
    • achieved education required for military rank and function to which he/she should be appointed after completing of the preparatory state service,
    • is in a good mental and physical health,
    • complies with conditions for accessing classified information according to the Act 215/2004 Coll.,
    • is not under criminal prosecution,
    • agrees to perform state service in compliance with Service Office requirements,
    • has successfully completed the selection or admission procedure.

Professional soldier has to comply with conditions set by the law during the whole period of the state service.


A citizen who was legally sentenced for a military or a deliberate crime, will not be considered irreproachable for the purpose of the Act. The same applies in the case of military crime of a citizen to whom sentence was extinguished for such a criminal offence. Detailed conditions of irreproachability are stipulated in the Act No. 281/2015 Coll.


A citizen is not been considered reliable for the purpose of this Act if he/she:

    • has been treated for addiction to alcohol or other narcotics or psychotropic substances,
    • demonstrably uses alcohol excessively or uses other narcotics or psychotropic substances,
    • is treated due to compulsive gambling,
    • is a member or sympathizer of groups leading to supress fundamental rights and freedoms or is involved in their support or propaganda,
    • was dismissed from the state service in compliance with this Act or from previous state service due to specific legally defined reasons,
    • was released from previous state service due to serious service discipline infringement,
    • was dismissed from previous employment relation due to serious infringement of work discipline. Detailed conditions are stipulated in the Act No. 281/2015 Coll.

A citizen who due to other facts does not guarantee the proper state service performance and should be admitted to the state service for Military Intelligence tasks fulfilment, is not considered reliable according to this Act.

Selection Procedure and Security Clearance

Physical capability of the applicant is assessed on the basis of physical fitness tests results carried out directly by Military Intelligence.

Applicant completes psychodiagnostic examination of mental capability and psychophysiological veracity.

Medical capability is assessed on the basis of medical examination results.

Every Military Intelligence officer must be a holder of a valid certificate of Military Intelligence, authorising him/her to access classified information of „Top Secret“.

Every Military Intelligence applicant must undertake a security clearance in the frame of admission procedure in order to fulfil conditions for accessing classified information.

Military Intelligence Tasks Performance

Military Intelligence officers and civilian employees primarily fulfil tasks according to the Act No. 198/1994 Coll.

Fulfilling Military Intelligence tasks requires certain abilities from officers: respectability (fairness, incorruptness), reliability, and willingness to gain professional skills, complex knowledge in specific areas, analytical thinking, stress resistance and flexibility to fulfil tasks in changing conditions.

Military Intelligence is involved in the process of securing the security of citizens of the Slovak Republic and that is why new members are required to comply with the attractive and demanding conditions of the state service performance in all-society interest.

Restrictions and Prohibitions within the State Service Performance

Restriction of some constitutional rights of professional soldiers:

Right to petition of professional soldiers in matters linked with state service performance is limited to individual requests, suggestions and claims.

Professional soldier must not be a member of political party or political movement, must not actively participate on sessions or meetings organized by political parties or movements, must not be a member of trade union acting in armed forces and working places where he/she performs state service.

To professional soldier, due to preparation for armed forces tasks fulfilment or special tasks fulfilment according to special regulation with his/her preceding written approval, the personal freedom can be restricted during the training focused on psychological and physical resistance creating him/her the most-real conditions for the tasks fulfilment. The approval can be cancelled by the professional soldier even during the training process.

Military Intelligence member as a professional soldier must not:

    • run a business,
    • perform another gainful activity,
    • be a member of steering board, management, control or supervisory bodies (authorities) of legal entities performing business activities. Details and exceptions within this area are regulated by Act. No.281/2015 Coll.

Basic requirements for joining us

Recruitment process is based on specified basic requirements which applicants have to comply with, e.g.:

    • Conditions set out by law regulating recruitment of professional soldiers or civil employees,
    • Personal capabilities to fulfil special tasks in Military Intelligence,1)
    • Security reliability,
    • Interest in further education,
    • Specified qualification conditions related to professional soldiers or civilian personnel,
    • Sufficient flexibility to carry out other prospective missions.2)
  • 1) e.g. analytic thinking, capability to predict crises situations, ability to work independently, to manage and to take over responsibility, long-term stress resistance.
  • 2) These requirements are examined by a psychologist. The examination aims are to verify the motivation, capability and readiness of the candidate to fulfil tasks as required by the Service Office and superior both on the territory of the Slovak Republic and abroad.