Military Intelligence
Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic

Career in the Military Intelligence

The Military Intelligence, as a solid and stable pillar of the security system of the Slovak Republic, employs in its structures people willing to sacrifice their professional and private lives to the mission of the Military Intelligence.

The Military Intelligence takes part in ensuring the security of the citizens of the Slovak Republic, and therefore the future members are required to identify themselves with interesting and demanding conditions for the performance state service and employment with a social significance.

Officers and employees of the Military Intelligence fulfill tasks mainly according to Act no. 500/2022 Coll. on Military Intelligence.

Fulfilling the tasks of the Military Intelligence requires integrity, reliability, devoting time to their professional growth, comprehensive knowledge in the required areas, analytical thinking, resistance to stress and the ability to perform tasks in changing conditions and to adhere to the ethics of members of the Military Intelligence.

Employment in the Military Intelligence will provide you with a perspective job in a stable and globally recognized organization with a deeper social meaning and will bring other interesting benefits.

Benefits of State Service and Employment Relationship

  • the possibility of personal development in the form of career, professional and language courses in the best certified educational centers in Slovakia and abroad,
  • work with unique data and a number of intellectual challenges,
  • work with modern technologies,
  • opportunities for continuous career growth,
  • the possibility of working abroad,
  • adequate financial remuneration with a number of performance bonuses and other benefits.

Basic Requirements for an Intelligence Officer

The Military Intelligence is a specific institution and therefore the selection process is demanding. The applicant takes psychodiagnostic testing, security clearance, psychophysiological veracity examination and if the applicant joined the state service he/she takes medical examination and physical fitness test.

For all forms of selection procedure of officers and employees there are standard basic requirements which an applicant is obliged to meet e.g.:

  • statutory criteria for entering the state service of professional soldiers, or an employee entering employment,
  • personal qualities and skills for fulfilment of specialized tasks of the Military Intelligence (e.g. analytical skills, problem anticipation, ability to work independently, managerial skills and ability to take responsibility, ability to cope with psychological stress on long term basis),
  • reliability in terms of security,
  • acquiring mandatory education planned for the position of a professional soldier or an employee,
  • satisfactory extent of flexibility to be able to meet the criteria for a different position (A psychologist assesses the abilities during the psychological testing. Namely, the ability and readiness of the applicant to fulfil the tasks according to the needs of the Service Office and instructions of the superior on the territory of the Slovak Republic as abroad.)

Requirements for Admission to the State Service of Professional Soldiers

Conditions and terms of the state service of the Military Intelligence officers is stipulated in the Act No. 281/2015 Coll. on State Service of Professional Soldiers as amended.

Eligibility Requirements to Join Civil Service According to the Act No. 281/2015 Coll.

A citizen can join the state service of professional soldiers if he/she meets the following requirements:

  • has submitted his/her application for the civil service,
  • is at least 18 years old the day when he/she joins the civil service,
  • enjoys full legal capacity,
  • is a citizen of the Slovak Republic or has a dual citizenship of the Slovak Republic and an EU member state, or the citizenship of a country which is a member of international organization, ensuring collective defence against an attack, member of which is the Slovak Republic,
  • has permanent residence in the Slovak Republic,
  • is without criminal records,
  • is reliable,
  • has a good command of the official language,
  • achieved education required for the military rank and the position to which he/she should be appointed after completing the preparatory state service. It does not apply if the applicant is a professional soldier who, during his preparatory state service, completes his/her university studies, to which he/she was accepted,
  • on the day of joining the state service he/she is not in the records as a citizen who refused to perform extraordinary service according to specific rule,
  • is in a good health and physically and mentally fit,
  • meets eligibility requirements delimited by specific regulation, if it is required for the position to which the applicant will be appointed in the Military Intelligence,
  • by the date of joining the state service he/she finished activities which are restricted or forbidden (e. g. membership in a political party or political movement… in compliance with § 12 Act No. 281/2015 Coll.) and by the date of joining the state service he/she finished, interrupted or suspend the activities, which are forbidden (e.g. do a business, carry out other gainful activities in compliance with § 13 Act No. 281/2015 Coll.),
  • is not under criminal prosecution,
  • agrees to perform state service in compliance with the Service Office requirements,
  • has successfully completed the selection procedure.

A professional soldier has to comply with requirements set by the law during the whole period of the state service.


A citizen who was legally sentenced for a military or a deliberate crime, will not be considered irreproachable for the purpose of the Act. The same applies in the case of military crime of a citizen to whom sentence was extinguished for such a criminal offence. Detailed conditions of irreproachability are stipulated in the Act No. 281/2015 Coll.


Citizen is not been considered reliable for the purpose of Act No. 281/2015 Coll. if:

  • criminal prosecution is conducted against him for a criminal offense (according to § 16 paragraph 4 of Act No. 281/2015 Coll.) ended with the valid approval of the settlement and three years did not pass from the date of the entry into force of the resolution approving the settlement to the date of admission to the state service
  • the criminal prosecution conducted against him/her for a criminal offense (according to § 16 section 4 of the Act No. 281/2015 Coll.) was validly and conditionally suspended, until the trial period has expired,
  • is or has been treated for addiction to alcohol or other narcotic or psychotropic substances or demonstrably uses alcohol excessively or uses other narcotics or psychotropic substances or is treated due to compulsive gambling,
  • is or has been a member or sympathizer of a group, movement or ideology that aims at suppressing the fundamental rights and freedoms of persons or that advocates racial, ethnic, national or religious hatred, or that in the past aimed at suppressing the fundamental rights and freedoms of persons, or participates or participated in their support or promotion or in activities organized by them,
  • was dismissed from the state service according to Act no. 281/2015 Coll., or from a previous employment on grounds:
    • based on the conclusions of the service evaluation, he was assessed as unfit to perform state service or professional service,
    • violated the basic obligation of a professional soldier, a restriction or prohibition according to this law or because he/she seriously violated one of the basic duties of a professional soldier or a prohibition according to previous legal regulations,
    • of disciplinary measure was repeatedly imposed on him under this Act or because he repeatedly violated a basic obligation under previous legal regulations,
    • was legally sentenced to the sanction of banning the activity he is supposed to perform as a professional soldier, or the sanction of loss of military or other rank,
  • his previous state service according to special regulations (e.g. Act No. 73/1998 Coll. on the State Service of Members of the Police Force, the Slovak Information Service, the Prison and Court Guard Service of the Slovak Republic and the Railway Police, as amended, Act No. 35/2019 Coll. on Financial Administration and on the amendment of certain laws, as amended) was terminated for the reasons that:
    • are based on the conclusions of the service evaluation, he was assessed as unfit to perform any function in the state service according to special regulations,
    • violated the official oath or official obligation in a particularly gross manner,
    • the decision to impose a disciplinary measure of dismissal from the state service according to a special regulation (§ 77 letters c) to e) of Act no. 315/2001 Coll. on the Fire and Rescue Service, as amended),
  • his/her previous civil service was terminated due to a serious violation of civil service discipline or his/her previous employment was terminated due to a serious violation of work discipline,
  • performed military service in the armed forces of another state without permission, if such permission is required (§ 19 of Act No. 570/2005 Coll. on Conscription and on the amendment and supplementation of certain laws, as amended),
  • actively participated in the combat activity of an organized armed group on the territory of another state, or incited or supported this activity financially or with other means and services.

Restrictions and Prohibitions within the State Service Performance

Restriction of Some Constitutional Rights of Professional Soldiers

  • the right to petition of professional soldiers in matters related to the performance of state service is limited to individual requests, proposals and complaints of professional soldiers,
  • a professional soldier must not be a member of a political party or political movement,
  • a professional soldier must not actively participate in gatherings organized by political parties or political movements,
  • a professional soldier must not join trade unions that operate in the armed forces and at workplaces where he performs state service,
  • the personal freedom of a professional soldier can be restricted upon his written consent due to preparation for the performance of the tasks of the Armed Forces or for the performance of tasks according to special regulations (Act No. 124/1992 Coll. on Military Police as amended and Act No. 500/2022 Coll.) during training, which is intended to deepen or test his/her mental and physical endurance by as close as possible to the actual conditions of the performance of tasks; a professional soldier can withdraw his/her consent even during training.

A professional soldier must not

  • run a business,
  • perform another gainful activity; for the purposes of this Act, another gainful activity is understood as an activity that establishes the right to income taxed according to a special regulation (§ 5 and 6 of Act No. 595/2003 Coll. on income tax, as amended),
  • be a member of the management, control or supervisory bodies of legal entities carrying out business activities.

The requirements for employment

The employment is regulated by the Act No. 552/2003 Coll. on the Performance of Work in the Public Interest, as amended, Act No. 553/2003 Coll. on the Remuneration of Certain Employees when Performing Work in the Public Interest, as amended, and Act No. 311/2001 Coll. - The Labor Code with relevant provisions and other regulations governing labor relations.