Military Intelligence
Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic

Director of Military Intelligence Juraj Štefanka has been promoted to the rank of major general

The President of The Slovak Republic Zuazana Čaputová promoted brigadier general Juraj Štefanka to the rank of major general on the 18th of April, 2024

According to the President, the promotion of the Director of Military Intelligence is a proof of his professional skills, wide knowledge and experience and appreciation of all the efforts he has done.

She valued his professionalism, devotion and dedication to overcome crises. The promotion is a sign of significant contribution of Slovakia within the framework of NATO as well.

The Head of the Slovak Republic has pointed to current world affairs for a long period. The primary role of a country, living in democratic society, is to guarantee security and protection of all the citizens. To fulfil this role, one needs to increase readiness of the country continually in order to face security challenges, threats and crises, to contribute to sustaining international peace and security, to prevent situations threatening security of the country and its citizens and to have reliable sources, tools and policies.