Military Intelligence
Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic

Slovak Director of the NATO Counter Intelligence Centre of Excellence nomination in Krakow

On Monday, the 30th of September 2019, the NATO Counter Intelligence Centre of Excellence hosted an extraordinary ceremony of great significance for the Slovak Republic. On this day, the outgoing Polish Director handed over his duties to the first Slovak Director of the NATO Counter Intelligence Centre of Excellence. At the same time, the Centre officially welcomed the United States of America to the list of sponsoring nations. There are now 11 NATO countries contributing to the Centre’s capabilities dedicated to enhance the security environment, maintain the capability to predict potential threats, and provide adequate response to hybrid threats against NATO and it member states.

Since its establishment in 2016, the Centre is continuously achieving its ambitious goals in the counterintelligence field. With the significant support of several NATO nations and institutions, the Centre became one of the main pillars in countering the variety of security threats in both regional and international environments. The Centre’s reliability and effectiveness are not only results of the strong cooperation between Poland and Slovakia, but are also the product of the collaboration of all participating nations, NATO Allies, and units that significantly enhance the Centre’s mission.