Military Intelligence
Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic

Military Intelligence with participation of three highest constitutional officials of the Slovak Republic commemorated the 25th anniversary of its formation

On 11th June 2019 the members of Military Intelligence (“MI“) celebrated important moment in their modern history, the 25th anniversary of formation of MI. On 30th June 1994 the National Council of the Slovak Republic adopt the law No. 198/1994 Coll. about MI. The law become a milestone from which modern history of MI of newly established Slovak Republic (“SR”) begun. This is the reason why MI chose the date of adoption of the Law as official date of formation of MI.

Importance and weight were given to this anniversary and its celebration also by the attendance of three highest constitutional officials of SR, President Andrej KISKA, Speaker of National Council Andrej DANKO and Prime Minister Peter PELLEGRINI, who in their speeches highlighted and appreciated everyday work and results of MI and its members. They have not forgotten also the complicated and difficult path that led to the establishment of modern and internationally successful intelligence service of 21st century.

Besides other high officials of state service, security forces and Slovak Armed Forces the celebration was also attended by the former Directors of Military Defence Intelligence, Military Intelligence Service and Military Intelligence.

On this occasion standard of the Director of MI was decorated by President of SR Andrej KISKA with commemorative ribbon of President of the Slovak Republic, by Minister of Defence of SR Peter GAJDOŠ with commemorative ribbon of Minister of Defence of the Slovak Republic 25 years of Military Intelligence – 30th June 2019 and by Deputy Chief of Staff of Slovak Armed Forces Major General Josef POKORNÝ with commemorative ribbon of Chief of Staff of Slovak Armed Forces – 100th anniversary of tragic death of General M. R. ŠTEFÁNIK.