Military Intelligence
Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic

Counterintelligence Centre of Excellence has support in NATO

NATO Counter Intelligence Centre of Excellence has significant support of many member states and institutions of North Atlantic Alliance. It was shown by attendance at the October\'s ceremony in Polish Krakow. The Centre was solemnly opened by Ministers of Defence and Directors of Military Intelligence Services of Slovakia and Poland, two countries, which initiated the creation of Centre.

The event was also attended by two other Ministers of Defence, State Secretaries, representatives of diplomatic corps of member states and high representatives of NATO. Director of Military Intelligence Lt. Gen. Ján Balciar returned in his speech to the meetings, when the idea of creation of Centre first appeared. With the Polish colleagues they agreed, that for the NATO countries it is essential to develop mutual cooperation in the field of Counter Intelligence capabilities as a means of fight against rising security threats.

NATO Counter Intelligence Centre of Excellence received the accreditation of North Atlantic Council on February 2017 and its readiness was recently tested by NATO exercise STEADFAST INTEREST 2017. Besides Slovakia and Poland, another eight member states of Alliance are involved in the project – Czech Republic, Croatia, Lithuania, Hungary, Germany, Romania, Slovenia and Italy.