Military Intelligence
Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic

Initial meeting of NATO CI CoE Steering Committee

On the 17th – 20th October 2016 certification visit of Allied Command for Transformation NATO (ACT) representatives and initial meeting of the Steering Committee of signatory countries of the NATO Centre of Excellence for Counterintelligence Capabilities (NATO CoE CI) was held in Krakow, Poland.

On the meeting ACT representative LTC Andreas KRAFT confirmed CI CoE full capability achievement and he also said he would recommend its certification to the NATO competent authorities. Completion of the certification process can be expected in the first quarter of 2017.

Steering Committee approved CI CoE background documents, especially the works plan, budget proposal and development strategies of the CI CoE for the following years. All proposals were unanimously approved and thus was completed the first phase of the centre establishment after approximately one and a half year.

The Centre has an ambition to contribute significantly on strengthening of NATO CI capabilities, through the implementation of specialized programmes and trainings. It will act also in the sphere of NATO conceptions and doctrines development and establishment.

The NATO CI CoE founding countries are Poland and Slovakia. Croatia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary, Germany, Romania, Slovenia and Italy joined the Centre since its very foundation. Besides them USA representative also attended the meeting in Krakow.

The next signatories meeting will take place in the first half of 2017.