Military Intelligence
Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic

Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic Peter PELLEGRINI visited Military Intelligence

On 24th September 2018 Director of Military Intelligence (MI) General Ján BALCIAR received at the premises of MI the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic Peter PELLEGRINI. The Prime Minister met with MI senior officials during the visit. He became acquainted with the mission, structure and tasks of the MI in the area of defence and security of the SR.

The topic of the meeting was also the current security situation on the territory of the Slovak Republic and abroad, activities and threats in cyberspace and international crisis management operations. The Prime Minister highlighted the professionalism with which MI members meet their roles and the importance of MI for the security of the Slovak Republic in today's rapidly changing and often unpredictable security environment. He stressed the importance of MI for the society and the SR.

He thanked the managing officers and all members of the Military Intelligence for their high professionalism, the proliferation of good name and Military Intelligence in the domestic as well as the foreign intelligence community and for the high-quality work done.

Reference: Office of the Government of the Slovak Republic