Director of Military Intelligence

Riaditeľ VS

General Ján BALCIAR

Curriculum Vitae

Rank, name and surname:

General Ján BALCIAR

Date and place of birth:

22nd July 1963, Rimavská Sobota


1982 – 1986

  • University of Agriculture, Faculty of Management and Economics

1986 - 1987

  • Compulsory Military Service

1987 - 2003

  • Police of the Slovak Republic
  • Economic Crime Department of the Police National Corps
  • Head of the Violent Crime Department, Slovak Criminal Police
  • Senior officer - Specialist of 4th Intelligence Department of the National Drug Unit
  • Specialist, Crime Intelligence Department of the Financial Police

2003 - 2005

  • Director of Transnational Threats Department, Intelligence Activities Management Division, Military Defence Intelligence of the Defence Ministry of the Slovak Republic

2005 - 2007

  • Director of Intelligence Activities Management Division, Military Defence Intelligence of the Defence Ministry of the Slovak Republic

2007 - 2012

  • Director of the Intelligence Operations Office, Military Defence Intelligence of the Defence Ministry of the Slovak Republic

2012 - 2013

  • First Deputy Director of the Military Defence Intelligence of the Defence Ministry of the Slovak Republic

2013 - 2016

  • First Deputy Director of the Military Intelligence of the Defence Ministry of the Slovak Republic


  • Director of the Military Intelligence of the Defence Ministry of the Slovak Republic

Directors of Military Intelligence - History



  • 2012
  • Col. Ľubomír SKUHRA

    16.4.2012 - 31.12.2012

  • 2011
  • Col. Róbert TIBENSKÝ

    3.12.2011 - 15.4.2012

  • 2010
  • Col. Pavel BRYCHTA

    1.10.2010 - 2.12.2011

  • Col. Anton ONDRUŠKA

    12.8.2010 - 30.9.2010

  • 2006
  • Col. Ľubomír SKUHRA

    8.8.2006 - 30.6.2010

  • 2004
  • Col. Vladimír KOTRUS

    27.8.2004 - 17.7.2006

  • 2003
  • Col. František KAŠICKÝ

    2003 - 2004

  • 2000
  • Col. Jozef CUDRÁK

    2000 - 2002

  • 1999
  • Col. Stanislav ŠIMON


  • 1995
  • Col. Milan SIKORAI

    1995 - 1998

  • 1993
  • Col. Juraj RATKOVSKÝ

    1993 - 1995


  • 2012
  • Col. Róbert TIBENSKÝ

    16.4.2012 - 31.12.2012

  • 2010
  • Col. Roman MIKULEC

    13.8.2010 - 15.4.2012

  • Lt. Col. Milan HUDEC

    28.7.2010 - 2.8.2010

  • 2007
  • Col. Juraj ŠEBO

    6.12.2007 - 15.7.2010

  • Brig. Gen. Stanislav PETRENEC

    2.6.2007 - 5.12.2007

  • Col. Peter SOLČANSKÝ

    2.2.2007 - 16.4.2007

  • 2006
  • Col. GS Jaroslav GOFJÁR, MSc.

    1.2.2006 - 1.2.2007

  • 2000
  • Brig. Gen. Vendelín LEITNER

    1.1.2000 - 31.1.2006

  • 1998
  • Maj. Gen. Peter BUČKA

    16.11.1998 - 31.12.1999

  • 1995
  • Col. GS Doc. Ján KÚTIK, CSc

    1.2.1995 - 15.11.1998

  • 1992
  • Col. František STAVNÝ

    29.12.1992 - 31.1.1995

Mission of Military Intelligence

  • (1) Military Intelligence, in scope of its competence, acquires, collects and analyses information significant for securing defence and defence capabilities of the Slovak Republic, both within country and abroad focused on:
    • activities threatening sovereignty, constitutional system, supremacy, territorial integrity and defences of Slovak Republic,
    • activities of foreign intelligence services,
    • terrorism, its financial and other support, cyber terrorism, treason, sabotage and wrecking activities,
    • political or religious extremism, violent extremism and harmful propaganda when they endangering fulfilment of Armed Forces’ tasks, and extremism of professional soldiers,
    • harmful sectarian groups when endangering fulfilment of Armed Forces’ tasks, harmful sectarian groups of professional soldiers,
    • organized criminal activities and criminal activities against defence of the Slovak Republic,
    • illegal trade with products of defence industry1a), weapons of mass destruction or products of dual use1b),
    • activities and threats in the cyberspace,1ba)
    • illegal international human trafficking,
    • matters capable seriously endanger or harm military-economic interests of SR,
    • exposing or leak of classified information 1c),
  • (2) If it is necessary to prevent activities and threats according to section 1, the Military Intelligence takes adequate security measures.
  • (3) Military Intelligence, in scope of its competence, fulfills other tasks according to special regulations 2) and the tasks resulting from international agreements and conventions (treaties), that is Slovak Republic bound by.
  • (4) Minister of Defence of the Slovak Republic (thereinafter „Minister“) provides information to the National Council of the Slovak Republic, to the President of the Slovak Republic and to the Government of the Slovak Republic, that are significant for their decision making and activity.
  • (5) Minister provides essential information also to other state authorities if needed to prevent as unlawful act.
  • (6) Acquired information are provided only for the purposes stated in article 1 and 2 of this law.
  • (7) In case that Military Intelligence requires, state authorities and institutions, that were provided by the information from Military Intelligence according to the article 4 and 5, except Body Acting in Criminal Procedure, are obliged to provide to Military Intelligence written statement regarding to the method of use of provided information and the method of evaluation of provided information on the basis of their own intelligence or results of their own activity. Especially in such information that has been confirmed and in which extent, immediately after provided information evaluation; statement about the mode of evaluation of the provided information Police Corp provides in extent, that doesn’t jeopardize operational-investigation activities of the Police Corp
  • 1a) Law No 392/2011 Coll. on trading with products of defence industry and amendments of Law No. 352/2013 Coll.
  • 1b) Law No 39/2011 Coll. on dual-use items and amendments of law of National Council of Slovak Republic No. 145/1995 Coll. on administrative fees and amendments as follows.
  • 1ba) Article 3 letter b) Act No. 69/2018 Coll., on Cybersecurity and Amendments and Supplements to Certain Acts.
  • 1c) Law No. 215/2004 Coll. on protection of classified information and amendment as follows.
  • 2) I.e. Law No. 215/2004 Coll. amendments as follows, Law No. 383/2011 Coll. the Slovak Republic on Representation in Eurojust.

Organisational Structure of
Military Intelligence


Specimen of Service Card
of the Military Intelligence Member

Specimen of Service Card

Cyber Defence

As our daily lives become increasingly dependent on information and communication technologies, we become more and more exposed to risks connected to its utilization. Attacks of the state and non-state actors aimed at these technologies became the integral part of conducting operations and cyberspace has been declared by the NATO as a new domain of warfare, placing it alongside the land, air, sea, and space. Based on the national strategic documents, NATO and EU programs, cybersecurity became one of the highest priority. Cyberspace is characteristic by the interconnectivity, no borders, and diminishing distance between threats and potential victims. Conventional approach to protection of isolated systems is insufficient and there is a need to complex cyberspace protection and defence. With the changing threat landscape new important tasks for the governments are also arising.

National documents involving tasks aimed at providing adequate protection and defend of Slovak cyberspace are:

Cyber Security Concept of the Slovak Republic for years 2015-2020
Action Plan of Implementation of Cyber Security Concept of the Slovak Republic for years 2015-2020

To improve the defence capabilities in the Slovak cyberspace, Military Intelligence implements different security measures to promote the security and defence capabilities of national critical assets. One of the measure is the establishment of a computer security incident response team - CSIRT.MIL.SK, as an organizational unit of Cyber Defence Center of the Slovak Republic with the aim to:

have a security overview of the monitored infrastructure,
be able to provide early detection of systems vulnerabilities,
be able to provide early detection of malicious activities on the network,
respond to cyber security incidents,
provide systematic education and awareness rising for the constituency.

Information about the CSIRT.MIL.SK can be found in RFC 2530.

Our public PGP KEY can be downloaded here.